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Yana Beliak "Beauty With Wisdom"

My name is Yana Beliak, and my journey in the beauty world started with my medical education. Working as a nurse gave me valuable knowledge about the human body, which later became the foundation for my career in cosmetology. Since 2014, I have dedicated myself to the art of eyelash extensions, combining in my practice the precision of medical skills with the creativity of aesthetic cosmetology.

About me

Living in America has opened new horizons for me. I am proud to hold two professional licenses in two states, which underlines my dedication and professionalism. Inspired by a desire to share my knowledge, I started my own eyelash extension school in the sunny state of Florida.

Family, faith and profession

I am a happy mom of two children and a loving wife. My family is my support and inspiration. I am a Christian. All of my life principles, attitudes toward people and my work are based on biblical principles. Everything I do, I do as for the Lord. He is the center of my life.

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Innovative course for beginners

My pursuit of excellence and desire to share my knowledge has led to the creation of a unique course for beginners. This course is my answer to the challenges I faced at the beginning of my journey. It is designed to make your first steps in the profession as easy as possible and to make learning as clear and accessible as possible.

I've put everything I've learned through years of practice and numerous mistakes into this course so that you can avoid them. Rather than gathering information in bits and pieces, I will provide you with structured and systematized material that will allow you to move forward with confidence. My teaching methodology is simple and effective: once you have mastered the theoretical part, you can move straight into practice armed with knowledge and confidence.

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Feedback from students

Vlada feedback


"I want to thank you so much for your professionalism and talent in eyelash extensions. Your clear and easy to understand explanations helped me learn eyelash extension techniques with ease, even with no previous experience in this field.

You have a wonderful teaching approach that allows students to understand eyelash extension techniques and achieve great results.

Thank you for sharing your experience!"



"Jana was my eyelash extension master. So when I decided to take eyelash extension training, I already knew who I would go to. I like the way Yana works. Very neat, clean, uses quality materials.

My training was so comfortable, lucid and understandable to me brought all the subtleties of building up, it was evident Jana is interested in my learning result.

When I took the modeling exam I was not afraid or didn't know anything. Jana was always there to help and support me. Also afterwards she told me what tools, materials to use and where to buy! Thank you so much!!!"



"Jana, thank you for the cool course, everything is clear, in simple words and without water! At offline meetings you explain everything very cool, show me everything. Thank you for the recommendations of the firm of eyelashes and all the other tools, I will apply in the work! Important information received and internalized. Thank you for the course!"

Contact me

  • Jacksonville


  • +1-904-304-6092